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Why it Works

Forget everything you ever learned (or slept through) in high school science.

All of that was Newtonian physics

TinkerToy(R)-like molecular modelsthings as simple as north and south pole magnets where opposites attract and sames repelled.  

Elements combine with uniform results combinations, solutions, suspensions, etc. 

We put together the TinkerToy® looking models of molecules with their brightly colored balls and neutral colored sticks and pretended to know how to do the math in writing or balancing the chemical equations. And then promptly forgot most of it.

And now we are asking ourselves,

Nano WHO?

Quick Look
The culmination of numerous years of research,
Nano/ colloidal technology is the result of recent developments in colloidal chemistry,
which make it possible to produce a microscopic particle called a

(Nano particles are 1000 times smaller than micro-particles.)

The micelle is comprised of a collection of linear molecules or fatty esters
and fatty acids clumped together in the shape of a sphere
that is about the size of 20 hydrogen atoms,
or about one to four nanometers.

It bravely goes where none have been known to go before.

And it can do some pretty amazing things once it gets there.


MicroscopeIn school we looked into microscopes and thrilled at the miniature world we saw. With electron microscopy we were stunned at the stark detail on the tiniest things we could imagine. That kind of science still exists and works for us well.  

But we have gone deeper. 

We have recently opened the lid and peered into a sub miniature or submicroscopic realm where all the rules are different. 

Like-polarity particles hang together (instead of repel) in specific clumps. Then they synergistically combine with other like clumps and work together to do things we never thought could be done before.
This phenomenon has always existed since creation.  It
s just that we are now discovering how to harness it to accomplish some amazingly wonderful results.

Nano Colloidal Model

For perspective, a human hair is 80,000 nanometers thick; a red blood cell covers 10,000 nanometers; a virus measures 100 nanometers across. These micelles, which possess the power and capability to break down organic molecules and hydrocarbons, are the workhorses behind Nano/colloidal technology's effectiveness as a cleaning, degreasing, emulsifying and encapsulating agent.  So a micelle is about 1 to 4 % of the size of a microscopic virus.
Size comparison of human hair and nanofiber
Mycell clusterThere is no doubt that the chemical properties of these products have a profound effect in their own right. Yet their single most important feature may be their size – the ability to deliver their chemical effect in places and ways not possible before. Relating to medical terms, when we are sick, the medicine of choice needs to get where it will do the most good in the fastest way possible, whether a pill by mouth, an injection in a muscle, an IV in a vein, or a fast-dissolving lozenge or strip under the tongue. In our instance, the micelles are breaking the problem down to its smallest common denominator and taking care of business.

Referencing the illustration to the left, try to wrap your mind around a watery magnetic machine, as it were, that has all of its negative polarity on the outside -- like a kajillion hungry Pac-Men(R) starving for hydrocarbons -- with the positive polarity on the inside pointed to its core. It specifically targets organic molecules or compounds such as oil and petroleum-based products and breaks them down into pieces or particles so tiny that they fit deep inside the nano cluster where they are held in a magnetic prison in something somewhat akin to a minuscule black hole.

Colloidal Micelle at WorkOnce inside the micelles, oil particles are not able to re-bond with other oil particles. So as slick as they collectively might have been in a former situation, they will never be a slick again.  The whole of it has been completely emulsified (broken down) and encapsulated (put in a harmless sheath of water).  In this state, some or all of it can be rinsed and sent anywhere without damage to anything. Each tiny particle is highly susceptible to attack by naturally occurring bacteria which can now feed upon the oil particle and totally devour it without becoming overwhelmed and suffocated by it. And, as explained earlier, this functioning "engine" is no bigger than about twenty hydrogen atoms across. (In fact, some scientists are postulating that it is even tinier than that!) Oil spills and pollution never see these bad boys coming.  And yet, having done their job, within about thirty days the nano-colloid micelles (the botanically based soap products) will be some eighty percent biodegraded -- returned to the soil from which they originally sprang in plant form.

But there's more . . .  !

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