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We welcome your interest and input in the quest
to clean up our agricultural lands
(whether a flower pot, a planter, a garden plot, or a ten thousand acre farm)
and feed the inhabitants thereof
plenty of healthy, wholesome foods
without chemical toxicity and harm.

Whatever your area of concern,
please feel free to contact us
via the means provided below.

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It is also a great way to involve kids in responsible stewardship of our resources
as well as tapping into new talent and technologies for the future.

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If we are not right by the phone, we may be out standing in our field.
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We live in cyberspace,
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c/o: 1731 Mellon Way
Sarasota, Florida  34232
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Yeah, we know. Plants don't talk, don't have feelings, and don't express emotions.  But it's a cool metaphor anyway. Besides, it got your attention, didn't it?  And once you see the amazing differences enjoyed by seeds, plants, root systems, soils, and produce washed with our totally safe botanically based products, you, at least, will be smiling. You'll go from Grumpy Gardener to Happy Harvester like all the rest of our customers.

FYI:  No animals are ever used or hurt in the testing of our products.  (We test on ourselves instead.)  Like the plants, we're doing great, thank you.
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