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Orange oranges?
Naturally fresh and sweet. And NO GAS!
Who would have thought?

Orange oranges on the tree?

Naturally fresher and sweeter?

And without gassing or toxic chemicals?

From a formula that is basically a botanical soap?

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We take a lot of things for granted. Food shows up in stores. We buy it. We take it home. We eat it. No big deal.
Unless you are the grower. With everything else to deal with on your worry list, having food rejected for its looks is a major concern. So growers have learned some ways to make us think that food is good and ready for us. Like toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. And gassing the fruit to give it the color we expect when we are buying "fresh fruit."

How sweet it can be!

This is the true story of a better way of growing better tasting better looking fruit with a 100% certifiably carcinogen free botanically derived soap product.

Orange oranges?
Jim Little, a California orange grove owner sent the attached two photos.

Uncut side by side orange comparisonCut side by side orange comparison 

The first photo shows two uncut oranges. The second photo is of the same oranges each cut in half.
The green orange was grown by Jim's neighbor who did not spray his trees with CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM solutions. The orange orange came from Jim's grove where he did use
the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM products.
Below are closeups of both pieces of fruit.

Jim's neighbor's uncut untreated orange Jim's botanically washed orange

His neighbor's oranges require coloring by artificial means in order to 
make them marketable.
 The orange orange came from Jim's grove. Jim sprayed his trees with CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Scrub Initializer/BoosterTM and CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Wash Stabilizer/MaintainerTM solutions. Jim's oranges are naturally orange, thus requiring no ethylene gas to make them marketable.
The second photo accompanied a lab report that measures the sugar content of fruit and vegetables.  (Brix test)
The sugar content is important to growers.  It (1) indicates the amount of nutrition in the product and (2) determines the marketability of the product. Customers prefer sweet, nutritious fruits and vegetables.
Jim's neighbors's cut untreated orange Jim's cut CleanPlantsHappyPlants(tm) treated orange
The flesh of Jim's neighbor's orange is orange in color  but paler than Jim's. It is also less naturally sweet. Jim's orange contained approximately 20% more sugar content than the untreated oranges.  Note also the richer color of the meat in Jim's orange.
Jim believes that this new discovery is of significant importance to fruit and vegetable growers and to the people who consume those products.

No Frost Loss!

Another message stimulated by Jim showed that fruit trees and fruit sprayed by the product resisted frost bite. (See article.)

And rave reports about increased productivity are coming in from several parts of Mexico.

RSVP Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster(tm)Blending these new miracle products is a work of never ending discoveries and amazements. OurRSVP Plant Wash Stabilizer/Maintainer(tm) customers are continually reporting newly discovered benefits. For instance, other citrus farmers are enjoying substantially increased yields on the same trees that have historically put out only modest harvests. Others have seen groves that were headed for razing being salvaged and brought back to health and productivity.

These new benefits are not based upon toxic chemistry. Rather, they are coming as the result of the recently uncovered science of quantum chemistry. Quantum chemistry permits blending one of the most powerful and versatile cleaning solutions yet to be discovered derived entirely from botanicals. It is plants helping plants instead of petroleum distillates poisoning the plants, the ground they grow on, the water beneath, and the people who work with them, and the populations which eat them.

No synthetic or carcinogenic chemicals are used in these products. None. The results speak for themselves.

As an environmental engineer stated,
"This is planet changing technology."

Come join the agricultural revolution.

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