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Case Studies

From the soil conditioner, to the seed, bulb, and rooting stimulant, to the initializizer/booster, to the stabilizer/maintainer, to the organic dereasers, and the prooduce bath, unsolicited  reports keep pouring in as people share the good news of the literally life changing results being achieved by the application and use of the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM Family of Products.

We can talk all we want to. But SEEING the results of using the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM Family of Products is a whole lot better. Enjoy.

Watch for videos along the way!
Frost proof?
Sissy Citrus ready for the cold! Imagine a botanically derived solution with which you could wash your crops that would help them become so hardy that they could be virtually frost proof?

Would that be a benefit to growers? Would consumers be pleased?

The solution to the winter crop freeze may just be a solution!
A CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM Nearly Miraculous SolutionSM, that is.

Read on.


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Magnificent Mangoes
Papa PapayaIs it possible that agriculture in the future will owe a huge debt to a single mango tree?

This is the story of the tree that sparked a revolution.

The day that a botanical soap was first used on a mango tree should be remembered as a fiesta for plants the world over, and the tree should be preserved on permanent display.

It all began in a far away country called Miami where Mike lived with his lovely wife. They hoped that they could raise a fine family of young mangoes, but it looked as if their dreams would never come true.  . . .  more
Miracles in Mexico
Click to eenlarge. 2nd corn crop of the year is twice the height and 4 X's the yield!Keepin' it fresh even in the heatThe Mexican government has discovered a way --
Help them grow superior crops WITHOUT toxic chemicals and sprays!

The Formulation behind CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Scrub Initializer/BoosterTM and CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Wash Stabilizer/MaintainerTM has been chosen as the solution of choice for 2.6 million acres of pesticide free crops.  . . . The Mexican government wants its farmers to grow "toxic-pesticide-free" crops for export to the U.S., thus increasing farmers' income enough that the farmers will stay in Mexico rather than migrate to the U.S.  

The SECOND corn crop of the season, using only these products grew to about TWICE the height with FOUR times the yield as the first conventionally chemically treated planting.  . . . more
Orange oranges?
Orange oranges. Who would have thought?Naturally fresh and sweet. And NO GAS!Orange oranges? On the tree?
Who would have thought?

 Jim Little, a California orange grove owner sent a couple of photos.
One photo shows two oranges. The green orange was grown by Jim's neighbor who did not spray his trees with the CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant WashTM. His neighbor's oranges require coloring by artificial means in order to make them look desirable. The orange orange came from Jim's grove. Jim sprayed his trees with CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant WashTM. Jim's oranges are naturally orange, thus requiring no ethylene gas to make them marketable.  . . . more

Papaya Payday
Papa PapayaPapaya Groves. Click picture to enlarge.

Something radically wonderful is happening
on a papaya plantation.

And it's not just the farmer who is ecstatic.

His accountant is absolutely amazed as well!

Papayas, long known for their food and health benefits may be providing some much needed economic relief now that they have cleaned up their act . . . with the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM "miraculous" growing solutions.
Breaking NewsIs it a miracle?Just in from an email 12 August 2008.


Delight in this awesome picture. [Click to enlarge.] This papaya tree in bloom is part of a 10 acre papaya field in El Chauz, La Huacana, in the state of Michoacan. There were no papayas six weeks ago, but because of a virus, Sr. Celso, the owner, decided to spray RSVP* Plant Scrub and WashTM (4 sprays so far of 240 milliliters for 200 liters of water). The result is that a new flowering came out of nowhere and he now has 100 tons of fruit that he is selling at 6 pesos per kilo and will have fruit till next November. Amazing!
Potent Potatoes
Do these potatoes teach us something
about the amazing difference
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Awake-N Upstart SBRTM "growing solution" can make?

A grower in Washington State experimented with treating potatoes with the 
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Awake-N Upstart SBR Seed StimulatorTM. He quartered a potato and drenched 2 of the four pieces with a ready to use solution of CleanPlantsHappyPlants Awake-N Upstart SBR Seed StimulatorTM.  The other two he did not.

Look at the remarkable results.

The Green, Green Grass of Home
Brown winter grass have your lawn singing the blues?
This lawn was out for the count until . . .

It was December 1st, and the normally vibrant, well-manicured lawn had received a knockout punch from the winter weather and was not to be revived until Spring. But a single application of CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N TM Sprayer Concentrate and the grass was back and dancing in just a few weeks. The neighbors were more than green with envy.  They were envying the green!  . . . more

A Tale of Two Tomatoes
Produce viability and  longevity enhanced by a soap?

November 2nd, 2007, two tomatoes were purchased still attached to their stem. The one on the left was dipped into an RTU ("Ready to Use") concentration (2% product, 98% non-chlorinated water) CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie BathTM non-toxic produce cleaning solution. Both were stored together at room temperature until November 30th.  . . . more

Farming with Farm-Grown Products?
Florida Farmers Report Outstanding Results Using Botanical Cleanser

PINE ISLAND , Fla. – Our mothers used to say that clean hands are happy hands. Some growers in Florida are now saying that clean plants are happy plants - very, very happy plants.

“Nobody understands how, but it works,” says the owner of a nursery on Pine Island and one of Florida's top growers of tropical trees. “And why would I argue with this kind of success?”

This gentleman started spraying mango trees one spring with an all purpose cleaner sold under the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM brand manufactured by a neighboring Pine Island business. “At first I thought it was crazy, but I'll try anything once,” he says. He hasn't used anything toxic since that first trial. The trees are doing so much better, “We haven't needed to . . . even on sensitive plants like mangoes, guavas, and lychees.”  But Bob, was not the first. Click here to see how this agricultural revolution got started.
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At CleanPlantsHappyPlants.com, we are all about what works -- safely and effectively. We are always thrilled to learn of new applications and successes regarding any of the products we make available. But when we get such stories, we do our best to verify and quantify so that we may all benefit in any increase in knowledge such news may afford. While many times the news may be second or third hand, we try hard to make sure that sources are credible and statistics are accurate. Information offered above or elsewhere on the site is provided with as much consideration for accuracy as we have been able to determine, and such information is provided so that reasonably intelligent individuals of competent mental capacity and majority age can better make informed choices regarding matters discussed.

Because of ongoing testing and filings of applications for certain certifications under current regulatory guidelines, we are not allowed to say all that we have observed or know or believe to be true about the various products and their effectiveness.  As circumstances allow the publications of such findings and/or certifications, we will be happy to share same at the appropriate times.  Where we can speak definitively and authoritatively, we take pleasure in doing so.

Anecdotal reference may from time to time be made regarding the applicability, placement, or use of one or more technologies or products in circumstances which may or may not reflect those found in any other situation. Consumers should be aware that consideration should be given to specific environmental issues which may be different from and/or in addition to those cited in such anecdotal references. At no time is or will CleanPlantsHappyPlants.com or its parent entity be in any manner responsible for factors withheld or in any way not disclosed by the consumer.  Responsibility to use or not use any particular product is solely that of the consumer.

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What is offered on a best efforts basis is safe, wholesome, renewable products with the intention of making a healthier, safer place for ourselves and our posterity.
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