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Why it Works

Dirty plants struggle on their own and become targets of predatory infestations.
They need to be cleaned.

Dirt is best removed with a soap or at least some form of surfactant.

If the soap we would use on plants were to harm them,

we would be no further ahead than when using the noxious chemicals
we have been using for decades.
It would be a non-solution solution (just like the status quo).

So, to be successful, we must hold ourselves to the standard of

Not Just ANY Soap!

Quick Look
This is not just any soap. It is absolutely unique in its composition, its properties, its abilities, and its results.

A soap this powerful should NOT be gentle. But it IS.

A soap this gentle should NOT be powerful. Yet it is UNEXCELLED.

A soap this effective should not be economical. But it rivals virtually any commercially available product for any use to which the formulation is put.

A soap this wonderful should be used.

And everywhere it is, it is being hailed as "the miracle solution."

The soap to which plants around the world are responding so well has been called by those who use it “The Miracle Soap”. That’s right. “The Miracle Soap.”  (Surprised us, too.)

While we would be far more modest in our description, there is no denying that the results folks are getting are really quite remarkable. And if, as in some cases, the problems you were facing were threatening your very existence and something as simple as a unique kind of soap restored your hope and livelihood in answer to your prayers, you might call it “The Miracle Soap”, as well.

Fortunately, among its properties is its easy usability. It's not a bar soap (which would make it difficult to use on anything other than yourself and big farm animals. It's a liquid soap like nothing you have ever witnessed before.

But it’s not hokey.  It’s serious science, the result of long years of research, meticulous  experimentation, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence until the finished product met our own exacting standards.  What was good in the beginning is now nothing less than incredible.  It’s a WIN!  WIN!  WIN!  The plants are CLEAN and everybody (except the poison pushers) is HAPPY.  Plants, too!  (Or, at least they would be if they knew how to grin.)

There is always some excitement when we discover something new.  But what makes this particular line of products so unique and so powerful is not just THAT it works, but HOW it works, WHY it works, and THE LEVEL ON WHICH IT WORKS!

In other words, these products DELIVER! AND HOW!
And that's precisely why they are so effective.  They do a spectacular job in their own right, but they do it with a delivery system unparalleled in modern times!

to the revolutionary new world of nano-colloidal solutions.

Learn how to say it. Learn what it means.

This remarkable technology provides the foundation for products with a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from agricultural crop production and food processing to industrial and commercial cleaning.

In its various formulations, it is also highly effective for a myriad of other purposes, including animal care, health care, mold removal, marine usage, oil spill dispersal, oil/gas well treatments, aquaculture and soil remediation.

And, get this!  ALL the products are completely and totally derived from PLANTS.  Not OIL, not petroleum derivatives, not toxic chemicals -- PLANTS! Clean, healthy, renewable plants.  You are going to love these guys!  But first, a little education.

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