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CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Tractor 'n' Tool Organic DeGreaser(tm)
CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Tractor 'n' Tool Organic DeGreaser(tm)
CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Tractor 'n' Tool Organic DeGreaserTM

“Farmer Strong. Farm Friendly.”

When “stuff” happens, this is the stuff to make it go away.SM
Quick Look
Those who haven't used it call it "alternative"
simply because it is different from what the mainstream has used in the past.

But "different" doesn't tell the story. Not by a long shot.
Those who have used it keep using it.
They call it, "Wonderful". "Incredible." "Unbelievable." "Almost miraculous." "A whole lot better."

"The answer we've been looking for."
"It's MY DeGreaser. I'll share it, but you really need to GET YOUR OWN!"
"No fumes. No solvents. No toxins. No harm. Just Clean."SM
THAT is an alternative we can live with.
It's a fact of life. We mean well enough. We start out trying to do such a good job of tending the farm, or the garden, or the yard, or the tool shed, or the garage. And then, Dirt happens. Grease happens. Nasty, dirty, grimy, ugly, greasy, oily stuff happens.  Question is, what are you going to do about it? What are you going to do with it?

We've grown up accepting the "quick fixes" of Madison Avenue and the petro-chemical industry, exposing ourselves, our loved ones, our living quarters, our whole planet to some pretty noxious and toxic solvents and other products we are beginning to recognize weren't as healthy as they were letting on. And those solutions just exchanged problems. We went from a mess -- which we could see --  to one we could not: an environment which is wanting to make us sick or worse.

A plethora of "green" products have been touted as our answers, only to find, on closer inspection, that they, too, are almost without exception carriers of carcinogens and some other very negative ingredients.

Something else is required, something doing what only a 100% botanically based, 100% carcinogen free, mutagen free, cytogen free bio-formulated soap can do. And it needs to work. Like Gangbusters.
Enter CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Tractor ‘n’ Tool Organic DeGreaserTM. It rolls up its sleeves and goes toCleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Organic DeGreaser(tm) work looking to put the whup on the kinds of dirt and greasy messes working folks can get into. CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Tractor ‘n’ Tool Organic DeGreaserTM is designed to be used to clean up virtually any kind of organic mess or spill – including the tough ones. Though certainly not limited to these, it is especially formulated to deal like a pro with the likes of lubricating oil, fuel oil, motor oil, grease, fats, wax, and other petroleum derived consumer products, plus just plain down on the farm dirty dirt – the typical nasty “crud” we all get into around the home, garden, farm, or garage – things with a hydrocarbon base.

It’s not made for sissies, but your little sister could safely use it.  And your wife could bath the baby in it. Seriously. Safely. No fumes. No solvents. No toxins. No harm.SM Generally speaking, if a man (or woman, for that matter) can make the mess,
CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Tractor ‘n’ Tool Organic DeGreaserTM can clean it up.

Powered by QuantumMaxx(tm)As with all the other products in the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM family, CleanPlantsHappyPlants Plant Wash Stabilizer/MaintainerTM is powered by QuantumMaxxTM, a proprietary Nano Colloidal Solution containing processed extracts of natural plants such as Almonds, Coconut, Corn, Grains, Sugar Cane, Tree Sap, Food Grade Chelation, Scent, Coloring and Bio-Preferred wetting agents in a colloidal micelle base. Now how harmful could all of that be? To us? Not. But it is death on dirt. And oil. And grease. And . . .  .

Help comes to us in two concentrations.
CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Tractor ‘n’ Tool Organic DeGreaserTM is the standard formulation, and it is pretty stout in its own right. It is excellent for use on any washable surface such as tractors, tools, trailers, equipment, farm implements, engines, engine parts, cooking grills, ovens, stoves, machinery, boats, vehicles, wheels, metal, rubber, plastic, driveways, pavers, asphalt, concrete, masonry, stucco, wood*, painted surfaces, skin, hands, arms, legs, bodies, hair, animals, animal coats and hides, even leather**.

  *Common sense should tell us that care should be exercised when using on fine wood finishes or any other type of surface susceptible to water. Clean what has to be cleaned and then make sure that the surface is well dried.

**Product cleans leather very well. If you get a little carried away and wind up REALLY cleaning it, reapply an appropriate leather conditioner after cleaning.

Bottom line? CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Tractor ‘n’ Tool Organic DeGreaserTM offers a safe, healthy, effective, and very affordable way to clean up the messes where you work, play, and live. Buying the concentrate and mixing for use brings the cost per use way below what the dangerous products typically cost. So you are dollars ahead. And there is no price to pay to health or the environment. So we all come out winners.

For super economy or monster jobs (like a whole battleship, or a tank, for instance, there is the bigger brother version called
CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG2 Commercial/Military Strength Tractor ‘n’ Tool Organic DeGreaserTM. The 2 stands for TWICE the concentrated cleaning formula. But those who use it would swear the result is more like the effectiveness has been squared. To find out more, go here.
Colonel Cornelius' 2nd Plantimonial
Colonel CorniliusColonel Cornelius here. 

What I want to introduce you to is something that is making a HUGE difference as it deals with a dirty reality of life on the farm, in the garden, on the tractor, in the tool shed, in your garage, sometimes even in the house.

Dirt happens. Grease happens. Nasty, dirty, grimy, ugly, greasy, oily stuff happens. Question is, what are you going to do about it?  What are you going to do with it?

For years, we plants who actually live on the farm (the people live in the houses, WE live on the farm) were sickened by grease and oil and solvents and toxic chemicals and junk.  It was bad enough to have the spill or the mess in the first place. But sometimes, that was NOTHING compared with the horribly wretched stuff the people would use to try to "clean up" the oil and grease. We're talking SERIOUS poisons and problems. It would get all over the place -- in the air, on rags and towels, on the skins and in the airways of plants, animals, and people, in the soil, down in the ground, down in the ground water, in our ponds, streams, and lakes. Everywhere. And it almost never goes away. It just stays there and builds up and contaminates and poisons and ruins and hurts and makes people and pets and plants sick. And, probably more often than gets reported and checked out, stuff comes up dead. It's just flat out awful.

CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG(tm) full product line
But not any more.

Drum roll please.

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T OGD Tractor 'n' Tool Organic DeGreaser

Never seen anything like it. Never BEEN anything like it. 100% botanically based (we plants are so proud of that). 100% certifiably CARCINOGEN FREE. Absolutely NOTHING in this product is known or even suspected of being carcinogenic.

100% certifiably MUTAGEN and CYTOGEN FREE. Being around this stuff is not going to cause mutations in organisms or cells. Period. Your grandma, your wife, your daughter, your grandchild can use this stuff without fear of harm to them or where they live.

But does it clean?  Hope to kiss a mule it does! Unbelievable! Brand spanking shining in the sun clean! Best part is, you could completely degrease your diesel tractor in the smack out in the middle of your crop field and cause harm to absolutely NOTHING. Not the crops, not the soil, not the groundwater, not the fish in the stream, not the farmer, not the farmer's wife or their little baby.

Do yourself a favor. Do US all a favor. Get some. Use it. Be clean. Be safe. Be responsible. Be happy.
CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Tractor ‘n’ Tool Organic DeGreaserTM is a heavy duty cleaner/degreaserCleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Organic DeGreaser(tm) Product Line available in concentrated form for diluting/premixing as well as "RTU" (Ready To Use) in quarts, gallons, 4 gallon packs, 55 gallon drums, and 250 gallon "totes". It can be spritzed with a small spray or squirt bottle, or applied with a pressurized garden sprayer, a garden hose applicator, or a powered pressure sprayer.

While a 1 quart RTU spray bottle is very convenient and one of the recommended ways to dispense the product, it is not as economical as buying a higher concentrate and mixing with chlorine-free water. Pound for pound, container for container, shipping weights are the same whether purchasing a concentrated or diluted product. Where one ounce of concentrate can be mixed on site with equal or higher amounts of good water, it makes better sense to buy the concentrate and pay shipping and container costs once rather than multiple times. 
Hose Sprayer or Pressure Washer.
Various Spray Applicators
Preparation.  Fill pressure washer or hose-powered sprayer reservoir with full strength SPRAYER CONCENTRATION of CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODGTM.  Set dilution/delivery dial to three (3) to six (6) or more OUNCES per ONE GALLON of water as conditions dictate.  Consult full directions on .pdf below if using applicator other than a hose-powered sprayer.

Thoroughly drench the targeted area from top to bottom, covering all areas evenly. Allow product to sit on target site for several minutes. Spray heavily soiled areas again and allow to sit. Then spray all areas from top to bottom. Stubborn areas may need some scrubbing. Rinse with clean water.

Spray Bottle or Bucket.

Preparation. Fill empty container approx. 1/2 to 3/4 's full of water (less water for tougher cleaning jobs). Fill rest of the way with product.

Application.Use with mop, brush, rag, or any other appropriate applicator or cleaning device and work into stained or heavily soiled areas, allowing product to sit for a few minutes. Continue cleaning activities. Rinse when satisfied.  Works best with chlorine-free water. Safe for external exposure to people and animals. Rinse off as with any soap. Will not hurt plants or landscaping at diluted concentrations or if rinsed soon after exposure to full strength.

.pdf of complete DIRECTIONS FOR USE at Directions for CleanPlantsHappyPlants T-N-T ODG Tractor 'n' Tool Organic DeGreaserTM.
Qty Product Prod Code Retail Price Ship Wt (lbs) Makes total
# of gals
to H2O
Applied $  /gallon Applied $ / qt Applied $ / oz.
1 1 Quart RTU 06001032QRTU $6.95 3 .25 As is $27.80 $6.95 $.2172
1 1 Quart Sprayer RTU 06001032SRTU $8.95 3 .25 As is $35.80 $8.95
1 1 Gallon RTU 06001128GRTU $15.95 11 1 As is $15.95 $3.9875 $.1246
1 1 Qt RTM 1 to 9 Concentrate 06012032QRTM $15.95 3 2.5 1/9 $6.3800 $1.5950 $0.0498
1 1 Qt RTM Powered Pressure Spray Concentrate 06012032QPSC $15.95 3 6.5 1/25 $2.6077 $.6519 $0.0204
1 1 Gal RTM 1 to 9 Concentrate 06012128GRTM $42.95 11 10 1/9 $4.2950 $1.0738 $0.0336
1 1 Gal RTM Powered Pressure Spray Concentrate 06012128GPSC $49.95 11 26 1/25 $1.9212 $0.4803 $0.0150
1 55 Gal Drum RTM 1 to 9 Refill Concentrate 06012055DRTM $1,592.00 475 550 1/9 $2.8945 $.7236 $0.0226
1 55 Gal Drum Powered Pressure Spray Concentrate 06012055DPSC $1,592.00 475 1430 1/25 $1.1133 $.2783 $0.0087
1 250 Gal Tote RTM 1 to 9 Refill Concentrate 06012250TRTM $6,625.00 2400 2500 1/9 $2.65 $.6625 $0.0207
1 250 Gal Tote Powered Pressure Spray Concentrate 06012250TPSC $6,625.00 2400 6500 1/25 $1.0192 $.2548 $0.0080
1 Gallon of RTM ("Ready to Mix"), mixed in the recommended proportions of chlorine-free water, provides a very safe and effective powerful organic degreaser rivaled only by its commercial/military grade "cousin".
Cost per usage ounce goes down dramatically with higher product volume purchase.
Projected costs per gallon, quart, or ounce are for product only and do not reflect cost of water
(for concentrate dilution), applicable taxes, or shipping.
Warranty -- No claims of warranty or guarantee of any nature are made other than that this product is an effective, non-toxic, bio-degradable oganic degreaser. The user assumes all responsibility for its use, including any needed state regulatory approvals.

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