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CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N Turf Conditioner(tm)
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N Turf Conditioner(tm)
When the vision of the lawn in your mind
is better than the view of the grass in your yard,

you need
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM!

Makes lackluster lawns get up and "dance"!SM
Quick Look
Today's lawns are on artificial life support. Almost the moment we stop infusing them with chemicals of all sorts (many of them seriously offensive and downright toxic), they turn brown and all but die. Without poisons to kill the bugs and ward off the weeds, our lawns are so unhealthy on their own that they quickly succumb to predator insects and parasitic infestations.

By contrast, a truly healthy lawn is able to pull from the soil the necessary nutrition it needs without being force fed. Healthy lawns can sustain and hold their own against whatever the climate and the times are dishing out. They are not a target for insects which feed on the sick and weak.

Good lawns are a joy to behold and walk upon -- without fear of ingesting something sickening or deadly. It's time we kicked our addiction to chemicals and cleaned up our act. Literally. And what better way than with the revolutionary and almost miraculous nano colloidal power of a 100% botanically derived carcinogen free, mutagen free, cytogen free biodegradable soap?
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM.

Makes lackluster lawns get up and "dance"!
How we picture our lawnsSadly, the picture we have in our minds of what our lawns should look like seldom matches the reality of what they are. In our haste to make them perform to our expectations, we inflict them with pound after pound, gallon after gallon of commercial fertilizers and toxic poisons to kill all manner of critters and diseases that feast upon our artificially "healthy" turf.

It's no wonder then, that toward the end of another poisonous season and through the cooler, drier months our lawns respond (or retaliate) by looking dismally distant from what we would wish them to be. How they really are most of the time

And we have come to accept this cycle
without questioning whether that is how it must be or if that is how it is in the face of our constant chemical onslaught. Where snows mound over the dormant greens, we seem neither to notice nor mind the condition of the grass we claim we cherish so well in the summer. In climates such as those found in Florida -- where the passing of winter is more often marked by the calendar than by the temperature, brown ugly lawns and growing patches of deadness tell us what the thermometer does not. It must be winter. Look at the yard.

The lesson to be learned is that of simple application of principles we are learning about plants in general. (For is not a lawn just a collection of multiplied millions of plants?) If what we are able to do for plants and crops is applied to the aggromination of Poa Pratensis (or whatever else we call what we mow), is there perhaps a different response from the grass and a better lawn to be had for far longer each year than we have previously experienced? And if the results  are as dramatic as have been witnessed during the so-called "off season", how much healthier and vibrant will be the grass during the typical growing season?
As with all the other products in the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM family, CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM is powered by QuantumMaxxTM proprietary Nano Colloidal Solution with its all-natural ingredients and nearly miraculous facilitating capabilities. CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM is a solution of a 100% botanically based soap which has been formulated to treatCleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N Turf Conditioner(tm) Product Line the field of plants we call "lawns". It works on our most neglected plants -- the collective individual grass shoots and their roots.

The lawns reward our efforts by becoming lush, full, luxurious, and productive. No longer abused and poisoned, they do what growing things Powered by QuantumMaxx(tm)do when given the best chance to fulfill their destiny. They grow. Healthy. Hearty. Resistant to elements, parasites, and diseases which prey upon the weak. With no harm to the lawn, the soil beneath, the ground water below, or any other place where water from the lawns might flow.

Bottom line? Both expense and energy (labor) are dramatically lessened while greater benefit is derived. Fertilizer runoff and pollution are greatly curtailed or altogether eliminated. Insects apparently move on, for they are apparently not programmed to take on vibrant and wholesomely growing plant organisms. Reseeding, whenever necessary, takes less time and can be expected to come in richer and fuller. Nutrition already present but chemically or mechanically locked in the soil is unleashed for the grass to absorb.

At the risk of sounding repetitive or redundant, resources are conserved, and plants do more with less.  Less additional water. Less additional additives. And less -- as in ZERO -- harmful chemicals and toxins. "Because cleaner plants do better in the dirt."SM  And we do better when we have to walk barefoot on those plants we call our lawn.
Leapin' Larry's Plantimonial

Laepin' Larry"I've got rhythm, I've got rhythm . . .

"Oh! Sorry. I get carried away.  I feel like that famous actor Green Kelly. I just gotta dance!

"Wasn't always like this. I would get just as dull and depressed as the next blade. Wintertime Blahs, brown splotches, dead spots, "straw" patches, thatch issues, all of that socially unacceptable stuff.

"But one day a friend introduced me to . . . Say! Can you hear that? Can you hear the music? Oops! There I go again!  Where was I? Anyhow, a friend introduced me to CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-NTM Turf Conditioner. Man, Oh, Man! Forget the blues. Forget the blahs. Hang it up with all the brown splotches and the dead spots. That Lux Law-NTM stuff really makes you want to get up and dance -- even in the winter time.

"Now, I've got cousins up in Kentucky and some other places north of Dixie where it gets super cold, and the grass pretty well chucks it for a lotta months out of the year. And even in Florida, I used to look forward to October or so as an excuse to give it all up and wait for Spring. But not now! Not now with that CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-NTM Turf Conditioner thing going on.

Hey. Check it out for your own self. I gotta go! I gotta dance!

" . . . I've got rhythm, I've got rhythm . . .  .'"
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM is available only in concentrated form for diluting/premixing in gallons, 4 gallon packs, 55 gallon drums, and 250 gallon "totes". It can be applied with a pressurized garden sprayer, a garden hose applicator (recommended for most residential uses), a tractor-pulled tank fed sprayer, or rigged to an irrigation system.

While an RTU (Ready To Use) product would be very convenient, it would not be as economical as buying the concentrate and mixing with chlorine-free water. Pound for pound, container for container, shipping weights are the same whether purchasing a concentrated or diluted product. Where one ounce of concentrate can be mixed on site with a whole gallon of good water, it makes better sense to buy the concentrate and pay shipping and container costs once instead of 128 times.
Various Spray ApplicatorsGenerally. General mixing guidelines are one ounce of product to one gallon of chlorine-free water. 1 Gallon of RTM ("Ready to Mix"), mixed with 128 gallons of chlorine-free water is the base line for drenching an average acre of new growth. SEE SPECIFIC grass directions below.

Heads Up. Product concentration is formulated to be somewhat "forgiving". However, if applied in too concentrated a form, it tends to dissolve oil and wax protection from leaves. Do not exceed recommended mixing ratio without spot testing before use.

. Pre-mix as recommended below if delivering from a tank system. Fill hose-powered sprayer reservoir with full strength SPRAYER CONCENTRATION of CleanPlants HappyPlants Lux Law-N  Turf ConditionerTM  from the concentrate bottle.  Set dilution/delivery dial to setting recommended below for the type of lawn or crop grass. ONE (1) OUNCE per ONE GALLON of water is typical. (Use TWO OUNCES of product per gallon of water for seriously damaged lawns for the first two treatments.)  Consult website if using any other applicator than a hose-powered sprayer.

Application. Thoroughly drench the lawn, allowing CleanPlantsHappyPlants Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM to soak down into the sod.  Pay special attention to any damaged areas such as places where insects have hurt the turf, or where animals have urinated or defecated, or areas of heavy traffic impaction.  Product formulated to be used every three or four days for one or two weeks with regular waterings between until lawn is fully lush and damaged areas are repaired.  Thereafter, use once every 3 - 4 weeks at the lesser concentration to maintain a clean, healthy lawn. Works best with chlorine-free water. While safe for external exposure to people and animals, product is NOT intended for plant exposure at the BOTTLED concentration.

Specialty "grasses". These are general baseline percentages. Your conditions may vary slightly.

Alfalfa field
Alfalfa. --
When plants have four to six leaves, add ONE (1) gallon of  
Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM RTM concentrate to ONE HUNDRED SIXTY (160) GALLONS of chlorine-free water. Repeat at three week intervals. Do NOT spray flowers.

Grain fields
Grains (Barley, millets, Milo, oats, rye, wheat). --
When plants reach about six inches tall, add ONE (1) GALLON of
Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM RTM concentrate to 120 GALLONS of chlorine-free water. Repeat in three weeks.

Hay fields
-- When grass reaches four inches tall, soak the roots with ONE GALLON of
Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM RTM concentrate to 100 GALLONS of chlorine free water. Repeat at four week intervals. Avoid spraying flowers.

Beautiful lawns
Lawn grass, turf
-- Add
ONE GALLON of Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM RTM concentrate to 100 GALLONS of chlorine free water. (Set hose delivery concentration to one ounce per .833 gallons.) Soak the roots every four weeks year round.

Pasture lands
Pasture grass
When grass reaches four inches tall, soak the roots with ONE GALLON of Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM RTM concentrate to 100 GALLONS of chlorine free water. Repeat at four week intervals. Avoid spraying flowers.

Fields of sunflowers
-- When plants have eight to twelve leaves, add
ONE (1) gallon of  Lux Law-N Turf ConditionerTM RTM concentrate to ONE HUNDRED SIXTY (160) GALLONS of chlorine-free water. Repeat at three week intervals. Do not spray flowers.

Qty Product Prod Code Retail Price Ship Wt (lbs) Makes total
# of gals
to H2O
Applied $  /gallon Applied $ / qt Applied $ / oz.
1 1 Quart RTM Spray Concentrate  02025032QRTM $29.95 3 33 1/128 $.9287 $0.2322 $0.0073
1 1 Gallon RTM Spray Concentrate  02025128GRTM $99.95 11 129 1/128 $.7748 $.1937 $0.0061
1 55 Gal Drum RTM Spray Concentrate 02025055DRTM $4,420.00 475 7,095 1/128 $.6230 $.1557 $.0049
1 250 Gal Drum Pressure Spray Concentrate 02025250TRTM $16,720.00 2,400 32,250 1/128 $0.51840 $0.1296 $0.0041
1 Gallon of RTM ("Ready to Mix"), mixed with 128 gallons of chlorine-free water should treat the average acre of lawn. The cost per gallon is the approximate cost per acre. Treatment should saturate soil.
Cost per usage ounce goes down dramatically with higher product volume purchase.
Projected costs per gallon, quart, or ounce are for product only and do not reflect cost of water
(for concentrate dilution), applicable taxes, or shipping.
Warranty -- No claims of warranty or guarantee of any nature are made other than that this product is an effective, non-toxic, bio-degradable cation exchange stimulant. The user assumes all responsibility for its use, including any needed state regulatory approvals.
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