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CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!(tm)
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!(tm)
Give the produce you bring home from the field or market a really fresh start with

CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM
  • Gently and safely lifts and washes away contaminants from handling and processing.
  • Available in economical concentrate and ready to use.
  • Great for home, restaurant, and institutional food preparation.
Cleans fruits and veggies down to their goodness.SM
Quick Look

You Wouldn't Put Your SHOES in the Refrigerator, Would You?

Refridgerator ContentsBringing produce into our homes is like bringing multiple filth magnets, picking up all manner of collective yuck from wherever each item has been. With everything from dirt, dust, particulates, oily toxic residues from the field, DNA (and who knows what else?) from the many places each piece of fruit or individual vegetable has been (from what country was that?) and the many hands that have touched each Not in the refrigeratorone, the kazillions of germs and microbes they have all collected along the way, and the wonderful cross-contamination they get to enjoy when placed with other as severely hygenically challenged foodstuffs, it's a wonder that any of it (or we) last as long as it does.  So, it's not a lot different than loading up the ol' ice box with your dirty shoes.

Not only is that socially disgusting and seriously unhealthy, but it also stands to reason that, with all that working against it, produce under that kind of assault cannot remain fresh for long.

At the same time, if we are attempting to clean our produce, we don't want anything else we are using to "fix" the situation to add to the problem and leave any residues either -- like carcinogens and other unwanted chemicals.
It is a problem recognized but seldom talked about. Commercially available produce invariably contains levels of poisonous contaminates with which we were never designed to have to cope. Government regulators readily admit that our foods contain poisons. A perusal of the Material Danger! Pesticides.Safety Data Sheets ("MSDS") for each of the components being used in the concoctions routinely applied to our food supply would shock and appall any layperson. And those are on the individual ingredients -- WHEN they are listed. Many are not.  Imagine what honest data on the collective "toxic soup" would look like!

And year after year that toxicity is being poured out on our foods and onto the soils and into the groundwater where the levels continually rise and threaten health and life.

Yet the same agencies we charge to look after our health and safety (who admit that our foods contain poisons) tell us that the levels of these horrible ingredients are "acceptable". It staggers the imagination to know that the testing methods and criteria to determine these "acceptable levels" are over SIXTY YEARS OLD -- despite quantum advances in technology and the introduction (and approval) of at least 60,000 toxic substances which did not even exist back when the criteria were established! This can't be healthy. And it hardly seems rational.
Food Safety Warning
And that is just the adverse part of our food supply network being done on purpose. There are other issues related to common sense and hygene to consider regarding the contamination of foods done unintentionally just in the normal course of handling and processing. These are considerations even if one buys strictly "organic" or grows one's own produce.

And then there are the food scares which come up -- some so unfounded, misconstrued, and untimely that whole segments of the food production mechanism are devastated and massive amounts of food and money are unnecessarilly wasted and lost.
At the very least, would it not make sense to routinely

But how? With what?

A plethora of "green" products have been touted as our answers, only to find, on closer inspection, that they, too, are almost without exception carriers of carcinogens and some other very negative ingredients.

Something else is required, something doing what only a 100% botanically based, 100% carcinogen free, mutagen free, cytogen free bio-formulated soap can do. And it needs to work. Like nothing else can.
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM is perfect for putting the final touch of clean on fruits, vegetables –  even poultry and fish – to give that final assurance of fresh to the table.

Whether or not the food you bring home has had the advantages of the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM family ofCleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!T(tm) products during its growth cycle,
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM gently, safely, thoroughly “cleans fruits and vegetables down to their goodness!”  Oily and waxy residues from field and process applications are dissolved, encapsulated, and lifted away where they can be safely rinsed down the sink with running water.

Without all those nasty (often toxic) residues and extra contaminates from the field and the packing houses, produce cleaned with  CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM tastes better. You get to enjoy the food instead of the chemicals for a change!

Experience also shows that produce cleaned with  CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM stays fresh longer. So far as we know, it is not a preservative, per se. It's just that not having all of the collective crud working against it, produce will naturally last longer in a fresher state.

Powered by QuantumMaxx(tm)As with all the other products in the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM family, CleanPlantsHappyPlants Plant Wash Stabilizer/MaintainerTM is powered by QuantumMaxxTM, a proprietary Nano Colloidal Solution containing processed extracts of natural plants such as Almonds, Coconut, Corn, Grains, Sugar Cane, and Tree Sap in a colloidal micelle base. These solutions provide answers on the quantum physics level. The micelles are so small (.000.000,001 cm), billions could be placed on the pointof a needle. Tiny as they are, they are attracted to oil, grease, cellular lipid proteins, and other hydrocarbon molecules -- the basis for all the nasties clinging to your fruit and vegetables. Billions of the micelles surround individual oil and unwanted molecules and separate them. Once separated, they encapsulate them in a "prison cell" of microscopic water droplets which can then be easily rinsed away.

Bottom line? For cleaner foodstuffs, for fresher taste, for longer lasting produce, CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM is the safe, effective, and economical answer for your food preparation needs.
Click on Tammy or Thomasina to hear the Twins' in their own words
Tammy and Thomasina, the Tomato Twins(tm)
We're Tammy and Thomasina, the Tomato Twins.

You think your life is tough? Try being a fruit or a vegetable for awhile. People talk like they really care about what you're made of. But the reality is
that it is mostly about how you look.

Just because we aren't vocal about it doesn't mean we don't have feelings. How would you like total strangers come up and put their hands all over you? What nerve! We can bruise, you know. And do they ever wash those things? Who knows where they have been with them and what they have done?
It's enough to make a lot of us really sick. 

And talk about degrading. You spend most of your life in the hot sun and the dirt and people still want you to look respectable. So you do your best to be your best and try to look your best to attract a little attention.  All so that some stranger can come along and pick you up and take you home. Sometimes you're put on a shelf. Sometimes you're given the cold treatment. Sometimes you're ignored for days at a time. Just so you can have one little dinner together. Or maybe two. And then it's over. You're history. Forgotten. Never remembered or appreciated again.

Life is so short, and fate can be so cruel. Now matter what you do or how hard you try, if people think you're a little spoiled, then they act like you're rotten and treat you like garbage. You're out of there. It's over before it even gets started.
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath(TM) Product Line

So, if you're going to get any respect at all, you have to use a trick or two to keep looking fresh. Our little secret is that we have discovered CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM. A little bit in some warm chlorine-free water and a relaxing dip in there for a few minutes . . . Oh! Girl, it's like time can stand still. Or the clock can even roll back.

And all the heebie jeebies from all those dirty hands that have been all over us, all the oils and surface residues of those nasty pesticides and chemicals, all of the stresses of our previous environments are just carressingly lifted away. Gone. Forgotten. And you know, the
best part is, we keep looking fresh, because we ARE fresh -- for days. Even weeks. It renews our good taste and restores our lease on life. We feel good again, because we are clean again. And, Honey, if you can't tell how old we are by looking at us, WE're not gonna to tell. But you won't be disappointed.

So keep some CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM around just for us. And we'll all enjoy it.
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM  is a wonderful product spinoff from the original solution which sparked an agricultural revolution. It is a safe, gentle, but extremely powerful cleaner for fruits and vegetables, available in concentrated form for diluting/premixing as well as "RTU" (Ready To Use) in quarts, quart sprayers, gallons, 4 gallon packs, and, for commercial operations, in 55 gallon drums, and 250 gallon "totes". It can be premixed in a bowl or pan for dipping, spritzed with a small spray or squirt bottle, or added to a spray or bath assembly on a commercial food processing line.

           1 Quart of Fresh-N Veggie Bath! RTM Concentrate makes 32 GALLONS of product!

While a 1 quart RTU spray bottle is very convenient and one of the recommended ways to dispense the product, it is not as economical as buying a higher concentrate and mixing with chlorine-free water. Pound for pound, container for container, shipping weights are the same whether purchasing a concentrated or diluted product. Where one ounce of concentrate can be mixed on site with equal or higher amounts of good water, it makes better sense to buy the concentrate and pay shipping and container costs once rather than multiple times.

Suggestion for New Accounts.On your initial order, select a case of RTU quarts and/or sprayers to obtain the applicator bottles. Then, on subsequent orders, save $$ with the economical RTM ("Ready to Mix") concentrates. Or acquire your own applicator bottles and buy the concentrates.  Either way, you save, and your fruits and vegetables and family all win!
For freshness enhancement.

CONCENTRATE: If mixing concentrate to have ready for future use, use CHLORINE FREE water for best results. Rinse produce under running water to remove loose dust and dirt. Fill basin or bowl with water and one (1) OUNCE of ECONO CONCENTRATE per (1) QUART of WATER or
one (1) OUNCE of SUPER CONCENTRATE per (1) GALLON of WATER. Completely submerge produce in bowl and let sit for at least two minutes (longer does not hurt) to give CLEANPLANTSHAPPYPLANTS Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM time to lift and encapsulate any hydrocarbon-based contaminants. Remove produce from bowl. If STORING, DO NOT RINSE. Let air dry and store at room temperature or refrigerate. BEFORE EATING, rinse thoroughly under running water, prepare normally, and enjoy the fresh clean taste of your fruits and vegetables! Leftover bowl of water can be used to water houseplants or can be safely poured down the drain.

READY TO USE: Do NOT dilute. Rinse produce under running water to remove loose dust and dirt. Hold produce over a bowl, and spray all surfaces with CLEANPLANTSHAPPYPLANTS Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM, letting excess drip into bowl. Rub or scrub surfaces of produce to remove stubborn dirt. Rinse and rewet if necessary, and place produce in bowl and let sit for at least two (2) minutes (longer does not hurt) to give CLEANPLANTSHAPPYPLANTS Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM time to lift and encapsulate any hydrocarbon-based contaminants. Remove produce from bowl and rewet surfaces. If STORING washed produce, DO NOT RINSE. Let air dry and store at room temperature. BEFORE EATING, rinse thoroughly under running water, prepare normally, and enjoy the fresh clean taste of your fruits and vegetables!

For food preparation.

Clean as above, rinse, and pat dry or let dry in the air. Enjoy your produce without the worry or flavor-robbing surface-borne contaminates.
CLEANPLANTSHAPPYPLANTS Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM "Cleans furits and veggies down to their goodness!"SM

Food for thought --

While CLEANPLANTSHAPPYPLANTS Fresh-N Veggie Bath!TM  is harmless to people, pets, and plants, and leaves no residue on your produce when rinsed, it is not intended to be taken internally.

Qty Product Prod Code Retail Price Ship Wt (lbs) Makes total
# of gals
to H2O
Applied $  /gallon Applied $ / qt Applied $ / oz.
1 1 Quart RTU Refill08000032QRTU $7.953.25As is$31.80$7.95$0.2484
1 1 Quart Sprayer RTU 08000032SRTU $8.95 3 .25 As is $35.80 $8.95
1 1 Gallon RTU 08000128GRTU $14.95 11 1 As is $14.95 $3.7375 $0.1168
1 1 Quart RTM Econo Soak Concentrate  0802532QRTM $29.95 3 8 1/32 $1.8719 $0.4680 $0.0146
1 1 Gallon RTM Econo Soak Concentrate 08025128GRTM$89.95111281/32 $1.4055 $.3514 $0.0110
1 55 Gal Drum RTM Econo Soak Concentrate08025055DRTM $3,150.004757,0951/32 $.8949 $0.2237 $0.0070
1250 Gal Drum Econo Soak Concentrate08025250TRTM $16,050.002,400 32,2501/32 $.6272 $0.1568 $0.0049
1 1 Quart RTM Super Soak Concentrate  0805032QRTM $49.95 3 32 1/128 $.1.5609 $.3902 $0.0122
1 1 Gallon RTM Super Soak Concentrate 08050128GRTM $169.95
1/128 $1.3277 $.3319 $0.0104
1 55 Gal Drum RTM Super Soak Concentrate 08050055DRTM $4,505.40 475 7,095 1/128 $.6399 $0.1600 $0.0050
1250 Gal Drum Super Soak Concentrate08050250TRTM $16,050.002,400 32,2501/128 $.5016 $0.1254 $0.0039
1 ounce RTM ("Ready to Mix"), added to 1 gallon of chlorine-free water will provide a "bath" where your fruits and vegetables can safely soak for a couple of minutes, cleaning away chemical pesticides and fertilizers and greatly enhancing freshness.
Cost per usage ounce goes down dramatically with higher product volume purchase.
Projected costs per gallon, quart, or ounce are for product only and do not reflect cost of water
(for concentrate dilution), applicable taxes, or shipping.
Warranty -- No claims of warranty or guarantee of any nature are made other than that this product is an effective, non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaner and degreaser. No claim is made as to its effectiveness against any one particular contaminate or whether use of product prevents any specific disease or infection. The user assumes all responsibility for its use, including any needed state regulatory approvals.

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Yeah, we know. Plants don't talk, don't have feelings, and don't express emotions.  But it's a cool metaphor anyway. Besides, it got your attention, didn't it?  And once you see the amazing differences enjoyed by seeds, plants, root systems, soils, and produce washed with our totally safe botanically based products, you, at least, will be smiling. You'll go from Grumpy Gardener to Happy Harvester like all the rest of our customers.

FYI:  No animals are ever used or hurt in the testing of our products.  (We test on ourselves instead.)  Like the plants, we're doing great, thank you.
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