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CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP* Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster(tm)
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus & Botanical Blanket(tm)
When temperatures drop,
so do the chances of survival for your citrus and botanicals.
This "Nearly Miraculous Solution"
gives them cold hardiness naturally -- just like a blanket.

Quick Look
It's almost like ANTIFREEZE for your Plants!(sm)These tragedies are avoidable.
Unseasonal cold freezes more than just the crop. It can freeze your whole livelihood.

Where is the blanket large enough to have protected this grove?
And who could have wrapped all the trees in time
to save them and the oranges they were bearing?

Freezes like these don't damage just crops. People's lives are at stake.

Thankfully, there is a virtual "blanket", easily applied,
that can prevent this kind of loss.

And it can help boost crop yields, too.
Cold temperatures freeze the "blood" plants depend upon for life and vitality.With the onset of colder temperatures, water condenses and moves slower. It can even freeze. In the tiny capillaries and wateways within a plants' delicate structures, the flow of nutrients and vital carbon dioxide slows to a crawl or stops altogether. With no circulation, living tissues start to die. Just as with humans and most other living organisms, the colder the temperatures, the longer the stoppage, and the greater is the ensuing necropathy.

Conventional approaches have ranged from attempts to genetically alter the plants being "protected" (risky and potentially health-harmful for those eating the crops) to various methods of changing the physical conditions faced by the crops. Drapes and covers, foggers, misters, and even waxy coatings have been tendered as ways of insulating plants from the devastation frosts and freezes wreak on crops in the field and botanicals in nurseries and plantings.

For the most part, these are temporary at best, and the size of the plants or planted areas make the challenges enormous and costly. But the potential for loss is in the multiplied billions of dollars for farmers who must bring healthy crops to harvest in order to survive.

And consumers pay a hefty price, too. When cold weather decimates food crops, with the diminished supply both demand and prices go up -- sometimes exponentially. The farmers fortunate enough to sustain their crops do quite well. The others sometimes suffer irreparable losses.

CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP Plant Scrub(tm) Initializer/Booster CleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus BlanketTM and the other CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM products work to make water droplets extremely tiny so that they flow better and longer through the plants' circulatory systems -- even for sustained periods and temps as low as 27oF.

Among other things, CleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus BlanketTM and the other CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM products increase the Cation Exchange Capacity both of and in the soil and within the plants' cell structures themselves. The ability to keep the "juices" flowing during thermal extremes helps assure a plant's continued survival and health.

As with all the CleanPlantsHappyPlantsTM products, CleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus BlanketTM is powered by QuantumMaxxTM proprietary 100% botanically based Nano Colloidal Solutions, Powered by QuantumMaxx(tm)providing mechanisms which allow plants to improve the efficiency of formerly beleaguered systemic functions and begin to perform in ways many are calling "nearly miraculous". What is truly wonderful and newsworthy is that the soap formulations are completely safe to the plants, the soil in which they grow, the groundwater and waterways beneath, and the people and animals that must come into contact both with the plants and the soap that helps them.
CleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus BlanketTM is formulated and concentrated to provide the added ability that citrus and other sensitive plants need to help them achieve winter hardiness. It has been proven effective both as a preventative and remediative treatment, is easily and economically applied, and provides ongoing benefits along with the obvious frost resistance.
Bottom line? For very little expense -- in fact mere fractions of what has traditionally been spent when scrambling to try to protect plants and crops from adverse cold weather -- superior protection and recovery when  the mercury wants to dip dangerously deep into your livelihood. 
Dirty Daisy's Plantimonial
Dirty Daisy
"Just the thought of cold weather makes me shiver. As the temperatures drop, myCleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus Blanket(tm) circulation gets weaker and weaker, and I can literally freeze to death. Or at least that was true before Citrus BlanketTM came along.

"With periodic doses of Citrus BlanketTM as the winter comes on (or at least a really good one right before a frost or freeze), the thermometer can drop as low as 27o F, and all my systems can keep working, making sure I'm hydrated and nutritionalized.

"And it doesn't just work for me. All my botanical and exotic friends have noticed the same thing. And even when the tremperature goes substantially lower and we look like we have had it, a good drenching with the  
Citrus BlanketTM shortly after, and in no time, we are back to our normal healthy selves. It truly has warmed our hearts to have our farmers take care of us with Citrus BlanketTM.
CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP* Plant Scrub Initializer/Booster(tm) Product Line

CleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus Blanket
is available in concentrated form for  diluting/premixing in quarts, gallons, 4 gallon packs, 55 gallon drums, and 250 gallon "totes".

It can be  applied with a pressurized garden sprayer, a garden hose applicator, a tractor-pulled multi-furrow tank fed sprayer, or rigged to an irrigation system.

Various Spray ApplicatorsDIRECTIONS:

Generally. General mixing guidelines are one ounce of product to one gallon of chlorine-free water. 1 Gallon of RTM ("Ready to Mix"), mixed with 128 gallons of chlorine-free water is the base line for drenching an average acre of growth, dependent upon height and girth, more mixed product being needed for the increased surface areas.

Heads Up. The effects of this product have been shown to help plants become more resistant to thermal extremes with temperatures as low as 27 degrees F. Use as added protection when frost or freezing temperatures are forecast, for use of the product does not substitute for prudent understanding and use of other means to help protect during hard freezes or frosts.  There is no guarantee, expressed or implied, against freezing or frostbite damage.

Preparation. Fill hose-powered sprayer reservoir with full strength SPRAYER CONCENTRATION of CleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus BlanketTM from source.  Set dilution/delivery dial to ONE (1) OUNCE per ONE GALLON of water. Best results are achieved with chlorine-free water, especially if mixing well in advance of application.


Preventative -- Superior protection comes from pretreating targeted trees/plants several times throughout the winter, preferably well in advance of dangerously dropping temperatures. A treatment right before such a temperature drop is recommended and helpful. Thoroughly drench the targeted plants from their outer and uppermost growths both on top of and underneath the foliage. Follow the drenching down stems or trunks and thoroughly soak the soil at the base of each plant. Historically, protection and frost resistance have been found to work as low as 27o F.
Remediative. Weather can be capricious as well as unpredictable. Even when temperatures drop below 27o F or when cold snaps catch farmers and homeowners unawares, CleanPlantsHappyPlants Citrus BlanketTM has also shown to be effective. Apply porduct as above but as soon after a freeze or frost has harmed the plants. A thorough drenching before necrosis has fully set in will allow the flow of moisture and nutrients to restore health and vitality to freeze-damaged plant tissues.

Qty Product Prod Code Retail Price Ship Wt (lbs) Makes total
# of gals
to H2O
Applied $  /gallon Applied $ / qt Applied $ / oz.
1 1 Quart RTM Spray Concentrate  03425032QRTM $28.95 3 33 1/128 $.8977 $.2244 $0.0070
1 1 Gallon RTM Spray Concentrate  03425128GRTM $89.95 11 129 1/128 $.6973 $.1743 $0.0054
1 55 Gal Drum RTM Spray Concentrate 03425055DRTM $3,135.00 475 7,095 1/128 $.4419 $.1374 $0.0043
1 250 Gal Drum Pressure Spray Concentrate 03425250TRTM $11,225.00 2,400 32,250 1/128 $0.3481 $0.0870 $0.0027
1 Gallon of RTM ("Ready to Mix"), mixed with 128 gallons of chlorine-free water is the base line for drenching an average acre of new growth. As plants increase in height and girth, more product is needed for the increased surface areas.
Cost per usage ounce goes down dramatically with higher product volume purchase.
Projected costs per gallon, quart, or ounce are for product only and do not reflect cost of water
(for concentrate dilution), applicable taxes, or shipping.
Warranty -- No claims of warranty or guarantee of any nature are made other than that this product is an effective, non-toxic, bio-degradable cation exchange stimulant. The user assumes all responsibility for its use, including any needed state regulatory approvals.

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