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Why it Works
We know that loading up our lands and crops with toxic substances is not winning the insect wars.
We know that using chemical fertilizers, while making crops look pretty, is actually making them deficient in the nutrients for which we should be eating them.
We know that the endless dumping of poisons on our fields and soils
is taking its toll on the health and lives of millions.

Maybe we should try something so novel, so simple, so amazing,
it can only be called,

Cleaning up the Plants' Act"

Quick Look
What if all we really or mostly need is
CLEAN plants (leaves, stems, etc.,)
and clean (or conditioned) soil,
and clean (opened) root systems?

Would that help plants do better, grow faster, be hardier, produce more?

If so, how would we do that?

If regular watering is not doing the job,
what else is needed?

We know that when we want to take a bath or wash our hands the job is a whole lot easier if we use soap.
The job of soap is to be soapy.
Soap breaks the surface tension on water and makes it “wetter”.  Said another way, soap is designed to break up water (and whatever contaminants it may be carrying) into the tiniest particles possible, allowing it to go more places and do more things than its unsoapy water counterpart.
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The Wetting Ability of Water
Surface tension can cause metal to float.Water stands up.

So, could we use soap on plants? Should we? Can weLet's let plants clean up their acts. wash them from their uppermost tips to their furthest root ends to flush away contaminants and keep all those vital pores open which they need in order to function at their best? And, if so, could it be just any soap?

Reason tells us that if artificial products and petroleum derivatives have helped create the problems, the solution should be from all natural sources, say, a 100% botanically based solution, a 100% toxin and carcinogen free pro- duct (so that we are not adding to our woes should the plant absorb any of it). 

Better yet, how about one that is as well certifiably mutagen and cytogen free?  And, of course, unlike the synthetics, it ought to be 100% biodegradable, totally harmless to the plants, the soil, the ground water, and the people and animals who have to live around it.  On top of everything else that it ISN’T, it should WORK.  It should do its job effectively and affordably so that the end result far outweighs the costs and means.

Is there such a solution?  A growing body of evidence and people singing its praises would say so.

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