Fresh-N Veggie Bath!(tm)

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Size - 1 Qt RTU ("Ready to Use") SPRAYER
Prod # - 08000032SRTU
Mix Ratio - DO NOT MIX - Ready to Use
Total RTU Amount available - 32 oz.
Applied Cost per Ounce = $0.3109
Shipping Weight 3 lbs.
Price $9.95 FOB Plant

Fresh-N Veggie Bath!(tm)
"Cleans fruits and veggies down to their goodness!"(sm)

• Loosens and removes dirt and oily and waxy residues from field and process applications.
• Contminates are dissolved, encapsulated, and lifted away where they can be safely rinsed down the sink with running water.toxic residues from produce surfaces.
• Breaks up and encapcillates (emulsifies) organic contaminates of virtually all types and sources, including animal and insect feces, petroleum distillates such as grease, oils (as in oil spills), solvents, pesticides, herbicides, sprays, etc., and washes them safely away down drains or into the soil with NO HARM to the ground or the ground water.
• Without all those nasty (often toxic) residues and extra contaminates from the field and the packing houses, produce cleaned with CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath! (tm) naturally tastes better. Naturally. You get to enjoy the food instead of the chemicals for a change!
• Experience also shows that produce cleaned with CleanPlantsHappyPlants Fresh-N Veggie Bath!(tm) stays fresh longer from days to weeks depending upon variety of produce.
• So far as we know, it is not a preservative, per se. It's just that not having all of the collective crud working against it, produce will naturally last longer in a fresher state.
• Made from 100% American grown and processed PLANT extracts.
• Is 100% biodegradable.
• Easily qualifies as "bio-preferred".
• Is totally harmless to the ground, groundwater, and waterways..
• Contain NO toxins of any sort or source and requires NO warning labels or registration.
• Is certifiably 100% Carcinogen Free (NO known cancer causing ingredients or effects).
• Is certifiably 100% Mutagen Free (nothing to cause cells to mutate in children or adults).
• Is certifiably 100% Cytogen Free (nothing to damage or deform developing babies of any species).
• No VAPORS, No FUMES, NO phosphates, NO solvents, NO enzymes.
• Contains NO petroleum derived products in any amounts, thus lessening American dependence on foreign oil.

Product is READY TO USE (“RTU”). Do NOT dilute.
• Rinse produce under running water to remove loose dust and dirt.
• Hold produce over a bowl, and spray all surfaces with CLEANPLANTSHAPPYPLANTS Fresh-N Veggie Bath!(tm), letting excess drip into bowl.
• Rub or scrub surfaces of produce to remove stubborn dirt.
• Rinse and rewet if necessary, and place produce in bowl and let sit for at least two (2) minutes (longer does not hurt) to give CLEANPLANTSHAPPYPLANTS Fresh-N Veggie Bath!(tm) time to lift and encapsulate any hydrocarbon-based contaminants.
• Remove produce from bowl and rewet surfaces.

• Let air dry and store at room temperature.
• BEFORE EATING, rinse thoroughly under running water, prepare normally, and enjoy the fresh clean taste of your fruits and vegetables!
• All CleanPlantsHappyPlants(tm) products (and the people, plants, and produce they treat) work best with chlorine-free water where available.
• While CLEANPLANTSHAPPYPLANTS Fresh-N Veggie Bath!(tm) is harmless to people, pets, and plants, and leaves no residue on your produce when rinsed, it is not intended to be taken internally.

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