BotaniSpa(tm) Man's Hands(tm)

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Size - 8 oz Hand-sized RTU ("Ready to Use") Foam Pumper
Prod # - 07006008HFRU
Mix Ratio - DO NOT MIX - Ready to Use
Total RTU Amount available - 8 oz.
Applied Cost per Ounce = $1.25 (including pump foamer)
Applied Cost per Ounce = $0.9375 with RTU refill
Shipping Weight 1 lbs.
Price $10.00 FOB Plant

BotaniSpa(tm) Man's Hands(tm)
"When it's time to undo what a man's had to do."(sm)

• Higher concentration than but similar to the formulation chosen "Organic Degreaser of Choice" by the United States Naval Center for Environmental Health against 300 competitors -- the T-N-T ODG2 ("Squared") Commercial/Military Strength Tractor-n-Tool Organic Degreaser(tm)

• Designed for seriously working hands in an attractive personal or sink-sized foaming dispenser.
• Gets out the deepest dirt and grime.
• Leaves hands thoroughly clean and supple.
• Aids in healing chapped and abused skin.
• A small amount of foam can be rubbed into hands after washing as an excellent skin conditioner.
• Brings fast relief when applied to insect bites. Takes away the sting and dramatically reduces swelling.
• The strongest, fastest, SAFEST way to clean hands anywhere.


• For normal dirt, wet hands, add small amount of foam, work foam over hands, and rinse.

• For greasy or oily dirt, apply foam and work thoroughly over affected areas before adding small amounts of water until clean. Repeat if necessary.

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