T-N-T ODG Tractor-n-Tool Organic Degreaser(tm)

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Size - 250 Gallon Tote RTM ("Ready to Mix") Concentrate
Prod # - 06012250TRTM
Mix Ratio - 1 oz. product to 9 oz. chlorine-free water
Total RTU Amount available - 2500 gals. (including product)
Applied Cost per Ounce = $0.0194
Shipping Weight 2400 lbs.
Price $6,625.00 FOB Plant
(S/H approx $500.00)

T-N-T ODG Tractor-n-Tool Organic Degreaser(tm)

"Farm strong. Farmer Safe."(sm)

• Breaks up and encapcillates (emulsifies) organic contaminates of virtually all types and sources, including petroleum distillates such as grease, oils (as in oil spills), solvents, pesticides, sprays, etc., and washes them safely away down drains or into the soil with NO HARM to the ground or the ground water.
• Is 100% biodegradable
• Easily qualifies as "bio-preferred"
• Is totally harmless to the ground, groundwater, and waterways
• Contain NO toxins of any sort or source and requires NO warning labels or registration
• Is certifiably 100% Carcinogen Free (NO known cancer causing ingredients or effects)
• Is certifiably 100% Mutagen Free (nothing to cause cells to mutate in children or adults)
• Is certifiably 100% Cytogen Free (nothing to damage or deform developing babies of any species)
• Contains NO petroleum derived products in any amounts, thus lessening American dependence on foreign oil

Product is READY TO MIX (“RTM”) concentrated LIQUID formulation. Do NOT use full strength.

Non Powered Sprayer (such as garden hose attachment) –

• Pre-mix or set dilution/delivery dial to ONE (1) OUNCE product per NINE (9) OUNCES of (preferably chlorine-free water as conditions dictate.
• Prewet surface to be cleaned with plain water (optional).
• Thoroughly drench the targeted area from top to bottom with RTU dilution, covering all areas evenly.
• Allow product to sit (dwell) on target site for several minutes.
• Spray heavily soiled areas again and allow to sit. Then spray all areas from top to bottom. Stubborn areas may need some scrubbing.
• Rinse with clean water. (Optional as conditions require.)

Spray Bottle or Bucket.

• Fill container approx. 90% full of water (less water for tougher cleaning jobs). Fill rest of the way with product [Ratio of 1 to 9, i.e., ONE (1) GALLON product per NINE (9) GALLONS (preferably) chlorine-free water. Or add 1 quart product to 9 quarts water.]
• Use with mop, brush, rag, or any other appropriate applicator or cleaning device and work into stained or heavily soiled areas, allowing product to sit (dwell) for a few minutes. Continue cleaning activities.
• Rinse when satisfied. (Optional as conditions require.)

• All CleanPlantsHappyPlants(tm) products (and the plants they treat) work best with chlorine-free water where available.
• While safe for external exposure to people and animals, product is NOT intended for plant exposure at the RTM concentration.
• Will not hurt plants or landscaping at diluted concentrations or if rinsed soon after exposure to full strength.
• Product completely safe for people and animals.
• As with all soaps, not to be taken internally.

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