Lux Law-N Turf Conditioner(tm)

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Size - 1 Gallon RTM ("Ready to Mix") Spray Concentrate
Prod # - 05025128GRTM
Mix Ratio - 1 oz. product to 1 gallon chlorine-free water
Total RTU Amount available - 129 gals. (including product)
Applied Cost per Ounce = $0.0054
Shipping Weight 11 lbs.
Price - $99.95 FOB Plant

Lux Law-N Turf Conditioner (tm)
"Makes lackluster lawns get up and dance." (sm)

• Cleans the grass' surfaces to allow maximum hydration, nutritionalization, photosynthesis, and transpiration.
• Breaks up and encapcillates (emulsifies) organic contaminates of virtually all types and sources, including petroleum distillates such as grease, oils (as in oil spills), solvents, pesticides, sprays, etc.
• Breaks up encrusted chemically bound soil making it more malleable and water retentive.
• Conditions the soil by neutralizing its acidity.
• Cleans the roots and root hairs of the grass plants to make them more efficient at taking in moisture and nutrition.
• Works on the nano level to aid in nutrient transport through the roots and up the individual blades of grass.
• Helps achieve control of adverse growing conditions to allow grass to become naturally hardy and resistant.
• Aids in making turf healthier, more robust, more nutrient rich, and naturally resistant to pests, diseases, and climate extremes.
• Helps reduce or eliminate the use of toxic pesticides and chemical treatment products.
• Extends the vibrancy of the lawn, getting it greener sooner and keeping it greener longer.
• Formulated in the U.S. (Florida) from all American-grown ingredients.


• 1 quart of RTM ("Ready to Mix") concentrate.
• To PREMIX BEFORE USING, add 1 ounce of product to 1 gallon of chlorine-free water.
• For mixing "on the fly" with any sprayer which adds a preset amount of concentrate to measured volume of water, set applicator at 1 ounce of product to 1 gallon of (preferably) chlorine-free water.

• A quart of concentrate makes a total of 33 GALLONS of RTU ("Ready to Use") (including product). This makes enough for one time treatment coverage of approximately a quarter of an acre(+/-) depending upon conditions and application variables.
• The goal in application is to drench the lawn to the point that the applied RTU strength product ponds on the turf's surface. This allows the product to thoroughly cleanse the individual grass plants and penetrate down into chemically challenged soil and continue its job on the grass' root systems.
• For seriously challenged soil and grass, consider reapplication in two to three weeks (usually not necessary) until control is achieved.
• If using fertilizer after treatment, try 1/4 to 1/2 the recommended amount of fertilizer and follow up with a good soaking of product at 1/4 ounce of product per gallon of water.

Check product webpage for specific application coverages specific to type of grass/crop.

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