Citrus and Botanical Blanket(tm)

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Size - 55 Gallon Drum RTM ("Ready to Mix") Concentrate
Prod # - 03325128GRTM
Mix Ratio - 1 oz. product to 1 gallon chlorine-free water
Total RTU Amount available - 7095 gals. (including product)
Applied Cost per Ounce = $0.0035
Shipping Weight 475 lbs.
Price - $3135.00 FOB Plant
Shipping/Handling approx. $280.68

Citrus & Botanical Blanket(tm)
"The Natural Way to Cold Resistance"(sm)

• Aids frost resistance – (even at 27 degrees F) and aids freeze recovery (in as little as three days).
• Stimulates the Cation Exchange Capacity within plants and helps promote circulation within plant tissues even in colder weather (at least to 27 degrees F.)
• Works on the nano level to dissolve and transport nutrients to plants from the tiny root hairs below ground as well as from the outer dermis of the entire plant structures through the dermis and into the core of the plants.
• Best application is a thorough drenching of plants, including tops and bottoms of leaves, down trunks and some soaking at base (for the roots) applied two to three weeks prior to heavier cold season and one to two days prior to a predicted frost or freeze.
• Field experience has shown product generally effective to 27 degrees F. (All plants vary in their ability to handle temp extremes.)
• While product does help plants achieve a stronger cold hardiness, use of product does not preclude normal frost/freeze prevention techniques, especially where temperatures can drop below 27 degrees F.
• Untreated plants hit by frost or freeze or treated plants where temps go below 27 degrees F are best served if treated as soon after the cold episode before necrosis fully sets in to damaged plant tissues. Repeat with one or two treatments at two or three day intervals as needed.
• Follow up periodically with CleanPlantsHappyPlants RSVP* Plant Wash Stabilizer/Maintainer(tm) to maintain a stable and clean growing environment.
• Formulated in the U.S. (Florida) from all American-grown ingredients.


• 1 gallon of RTM ("Ready to Mix") concentrate makes approximately 129 gallons of RTU("Ready to Use") (including product).
• To PREMIX BEFORE USING, add 1 ounce of product to 1 gallon of chlorine-free water.
• For mixing "on the fly" with any sprayer which adds a preset amount of concentrate to measured volume of water, set applicator at 1 ounce of product to 1 gallon of (preferably) chlorine-free water.

• Calculate per acreage quantities understanding that best applications will thoroughly drench the entire plant/s from top to bottom with some coverage to the soil at the base of the plant.
• For new and young growth under about eight (8) inches tall, one gallon concentrate (133 gallons of mixed product at one ounce concentrate per gallon of water) makes enough for one time treatment coverage of approximately one to one and a half acres(+/-) depending upon conditions and application variables.
• For general application calculations, figure one gallon of concentrate (128 gallons of mixed product per acre), with larger, more mature trees requiring approximately 200 gallons of mixture per acre.

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