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Size - 55 Gallon Drum RTM ("Ready to Mix") Concentrate
Mix Ratio - 1 oz. product to 1 gallon chlorine-free water
Prod # - 02025055DRTM
Total RTU Amount available - 7,095 gals. (including product)
Applied Cost per Ounce = $0.0050
Shipping Weight 475 lbs.
Price $3,899.00 FOB Plant
(S/H approx $281.00)

Awake-N Upstart SBR(tm)
Gives Seeds, Bulbs, and Rootings the headstart they deserve.(sm)

• Causes speedier and almost 100% germination of seeds.
• Plants come up faster, hardier, and more naturally resistant to pests and weather challenges.
• Extends growing seasons while speeding growth and maturity cycles allowing for multiple crops the same season in some instances.
• Causes speedier and almost 100% successful grafting, shortening the time it takes for grafts to "take" and heal.
• Formulated in the U.S. (Florida) from all American-grown ingredients.


• 55 Gallon Drum of RTM ("Ready to Mix") concentrate.
• For premixing, add 1 ounce of product per 1 gallon of chlorine-free water.
• For mixing "on the fly" with any sprayer which adds preset amount of concentrate to measured volume of water, set applicator at 1 ounce of product to 1 gallon of (preferably) chlorine-free water.

• This drum makes a total of 7,095 GALLONS of RTU ("Ready to Use") product.
• Coverage varies by types and sizes of seed, and acreage considerations must also allow for numbers and spacings of plantings. Order enough product that the seed being treated can be at least covered -- if not soaked -- with RTU strength product for two to fifteen minutes prior to planting.
• (Smaller and/or softer shelled seeds require less time and concentration than larger/harder shelled varieties.)
• For grafts, saturate the exposed areas of the graft for inplant as well as the cut for receiving with RTU strength product for several minutes before inserting and binding. Then soak bindings with product.
• Product is extremely efficient at what it does. For seeds, always err on the side of less concentration rather than more.

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475.00 lbs