SOS Soil Optimizing Shampoo(tm)

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Size - 1 Qt RTM ("Ready to Mix") Concentrate
Prod # - 01025032QRTM
Mix Ratio - 1 oz. product to 1 gallon chlorine-free water
Total RTU Amount available - 32 gals. (including product)
Applied Cost per Ounce = $0.0070
Shipping Weight 3 lbs.
Price - $28.95 FOB Plant

SOS Soil Optimizing Shampoo(tm)

• Breaks up and encapcillates (emulsifies) organic contaminates of virtually all types and sources, including petroleum distillates such as grease, oils (as in oil spills), solvents, pesticides, sprays, etc.
• Breaks up encrusted chemically bound soil making it more malleable and water retentive.
• Conditions the soil by neutralizing its acidity.
• Cleans the roots and root hairs of plants to make them more efficient at taking in moisture and nutrition.
• Aids in nutrient transport through the roots and up the stems and trunks.
• Formulated in the U.S. (Florida) from all American-grown ingredients.


• 1 quart of RTM ("Ready to Mix") concentrate.
• For hand sprayer refills, PREMIX BEFORE USING by adding 1 ounce of product to 1 gallon of chlorine-free water.
• For mixing "on the fly" with any sprayer which adds a preset amount of concentrate to measured volume of water, set applicator at 1 ounce of product to 1 gallon of (preferably) chlorine-free water.

A quart of concentrate makes a total of 32 GALLONS of RTU ("Ready to Use") (including product), enough for
one time treatment coverage of approximately a quarter of an acre(+/-) depending upon conditions and application variables.

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3.00 lbs